“Igniting the Spark of Change: How Did We Get Here?”

Opening Breakfast Plenary

Doors open at 7:30AM, so that you can kickstart the summit with an inspirational opening, including a welcome address by the Director of The Alabama Office of Minority Affairs and a dynamic fireside chat focusing on the journey towards digital transformation and equity.

Start your MSI Summit experience with an energizing Opening Breakfast Plenary. This session sets the tone for the entire event with a thought-provoking exploration of the journey towards digital transformation and equity.

  • Welcome Address: The session begins with a warm welcome from the Director of The Alabama Office of Minority Affairs, who will set the stage by highlighting the summit’s goals and the importance of the topics being discussed.
  • Fireside Chat: The highlight of the plenary is an engaging fireside chat between Dr. Damian Clarke, VP of Technology – ASU and the President of J.F. Drake State, Dr Patricia Sims. They will delve into the transformative journey that has led to the current state of digital equity and innovation.

Key topics include:

  • The evolution of digital technologies in education and minority communities.
  • The pivotal moments and decisions that have shaped the path towards digital inclusivity.
  • Insightful anecdotes and experiences from their professional journeys.
  • Strategies for continuing to drive change and overcome barriers in the pursuit of digital equity.

Interactive Q&A: Concluding the session, the audience will have the opportunity to engage directly with the speakers in an interactive Q&A, encouraging a deeper dive into the themes of transformation and equity.

This Opening Breakfast Plenary is not just an introduction to the summit but an invitation to all attendees to reflect on the progress made, challenges overcome, and the collaborative efforts needed to continue advancing towards a digitally inclusive future.