“Envisioning a Connected, Empowered Future”

Governor’s Luncheon Plenary

Join us for a high-profile luncheon session that marks a significant moment in the MSI Summit. This session is designed to highlight the vital role of connectivity and digital empowerment in shaping the future of Alabama’s minority communities.

Remarks by Governor Kay Ivey: The session will be headlined by Governor Kay Ivey, who will share her insights on the importance of digital inclusion and the role of technology in driving economic growth and social equity. The Governor’s remarks will underscore the state’s commitment to fostering connectivity and empowerment across all communities.

Joint Cooperation Agreement Signing: Witness a momentous occasion with the signing of the historic Joint Cooperation Agreement. This significant accord represents a collaborative commitment among Alabama’s Minority Serving Institutions and the Office of Minority Affairs, aiming to leverage broadband and digital resources for the betterment of minority communities. This segment of the session symbolizes a unified stride towards a digitally inclusive future.

Nourishing Leadership and Vision”: Engage in a thought-provoking conversation between the NTIA’s Director of the Office of Minority Broadband Initiatives and Kenneth Boswell, Director of ADECA (Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs). This discussion will focus on the leadership strategies and future visions necessary for advancing digital equity and connectivity. Topics will include:

  • Strategies for fostering leadership in the realm of digital transformation.
  • Visionary plans for enhancing broadband access and utilization.
  • Collaborative approaches to addressing the digital divide and promoting long-term community empowerment.

This Governor’s Luncheon Plenary promises to be a session of inspiration, commitment, and strategic vision, offering attendees an opportunity to understand and contribute to the state’s roadmap for a connected and empowered future.

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